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Theming And Branding Stalls

From A Stick Of Candy Floss To A Complete Funfair

Why not take advantage of our custom branding or theming  service for your event?

Side Stall Theming

Utilising the same technology that we employ for our corporate clients we can offer stalls already themed to fit in with your event. Current themes include Wild West, World War 2, Pirates, Gangsters and more. If you have an idea for a theme then let us know, will will be able to provide stalls to fit in with your exact requirements. Examples of some of our themes are available by selecting the theme from the menu on the right of this page.

As well as adding graphics to the stalls in your chosen theme, we also add a variety of props. So the horror/halloween theme will see a number of ghoulishly realistic bodies and decapitated heads hanging from the stall. Our staff wear suitable costumes in keeping with the theme, and we can theme many of he games, so in a horror theme, the hoopla becomes hoop the skull, a coconut shy will see your guests throwing eyeballs to knock a skull off instead of a coconut.


Custom Targets

Certain games units such as the mini crossbows or cork gun shooting gallery can have custom themed targets. In the simplest version this may be simply requesting something with say a pirate theme on the crossbows instead of the standard Big Game target. However we can use images (png, jpeg, gif) to produce a completely customised target. This could have images of the birthday boy/girl on, or a games unit destined for a local conservative party function could have images of the Labour leadership to fire at (or vice versa). In short we can produce a target based on almost anything you can imagine.

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Custom Themes

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Corporate Branding

We can work with you to produce one off custom branding of any of our stalls, for marketing promotions and exhibitions, product placement etc.  Alternatively we can supply a basic shell ready for you to fit out with your own products. These are ideal for shopping centres and town centre promotions.

This branding can extend to sourcing branded prizes for use as handouts at exhibitions or prizes for company fundays.  Our staff can wear your uniforms, and explain details of your products or promotion.  Using state of the art digital printing techniques we can produce one off designs for a specific requirement, or theme a large number of stalls for a nationwide product launch. We can also provide a customised game for the stall, perhaps custom designed targets on a shooting gallery (your managing director makes a good target at a staff party, but make sure he has a sense of humour first!), or a special football game for the launch of a sporting product, the possibilities are endless and we are quite happy to discuss ideas with you with no obligation on your part.

Following a brief from a creative agency we branded one of our shooting galleries for One True Saxon designer clothing company. Not only were large hi resolution panels produced with OTS imagery, we also installed a new shooting game. From being given the green light to operating the unit at the first of a number of music festivals took us under a week!

an example of a shooting gallery branded for One True Saxon clothing company

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