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Why not take advantage of our custom branding or theming  service for your event?

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Horror/Halloween Themed Games Stalls

Utilising the same technology that we employ for our corporate clients we can offer a range of stalls custom themed for Horror or Halloween events. The stalls are decorated with panels depicting classic horror characters such as Freddy, Dracula, Vampires and Skulls.

Props are added including mummies heads, skulls, body parts, full size figures, bats/spiders and various implements dripping with blood.

Add this to our range of Horror themed games, and staff in horror themed outfits and you have the perfect entertainment to complement your event. Download our new horror theme brochure.


We now offer a themed photography service, unlimited images are taken at your event, we then use sophisticated software to blend the images of your guests with horror backdrops.


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One of our range of horror themed games stalls available for hire for halloween / horror themed parties and events

Digital Sound FX  digital sound effects. Stalls are available with an MP3 unit and active amplifier playing a mixture of sound effects and themed music, all helping to evoke the horror atmosphere.

Click to hear a sample of our sound effects units.

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In addition to graphics, we also add games in keeping with the theme. Hoop the skull, shoot the werewolf, kill dracula, splat the rat and many more.

As well as supplying a range of props with our themed games. We can also offer for hire a large range of horror themed items including figures upto 16ft tall, a range of skulls that emit mist or fog, various body parts and bloody implements, table top displays, menu’s, bloody table cloths and much more to create a completely themed party.

Feel free to contact us with details of what you are trying to achieve and we will be happy to put together a no obligation package of ideas for you.

mummys head
A decapitated man holding his own head, one of our range of props supplied with our stalls, or available for hire.
Our stocks can be used as a game or simply as a prop to add atmosphere
WIth our range of horror themed games, hoopla becomes hoop the skulls.
A close up shot of our hoop the skull game.
One of our skulls with glowing eyes emitting a spooky mis

Download Our New Horror Theme Brochure

Download our new horror/Halloween themed brochure