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We already comply with the stringent ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Scheme), which is the Health and Safety Executives recommended inspection scheme for funfair attractions, but from the start of February we are taking things a step further by combining the Portable Appliance Testing (commonly known as PAT) scheme with the ADIPS scheme.

 This is a direct result of our involvement in the SINAS initiative, designed to set the standards in funfair safety and which will see us introducing regular upgrades to our safety policy.

We have had the majority of our equipment and power cables PAT tested for the last couple of years. However a desire to exceed the current safety requirements, and actually set the standard, has led to the purchase of our own electrical testing equipment, followed by training for key members of staff.

As a result we now have the procedures in place to test all of our equipment and power cables at least every six months, with a view to increasing the frequency of this testing as more members of staff are qualified to undertake PAT testing. Additionally we have purchased RCD testing equipment allowing us to regularly test the safety devices fitted to much of the equipment we operate.

As a final initiative, we have added a number of in line RCD devices to our equipment reserves, this will allow us to provide additional protection to our attractions when we are operating inside older buildings and events venues. Our portable generators are already fitted with protection devices of this type, which again will receive regular audited testing to ensure that we have no compromises when it comes to ensuring the safety of our equipment.


ADIPS The Amusement Device Inspection procedure Scheme. A rigourous safety standard applied to the funfair industry in this country.

PAT Portable Appliance TestingA scheme widely used by other (non funfair) industries in the UK.

RCD Residual Current Device. An electrical safety device which disconnect the power in the event of someone receiving an electrical shock.

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