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Giant Scalextric For Hire

Scalextric, or slot car racing is another game built for the speed freaks out there. A giant track with upto 8 cars racing at once, a computerised lap counter and a variety of different style cars and you have a recipe for success. You can make this a casual walk up and play game, or we can provide a full competition format complete with track marshals, additional scenery and even a custom designed track. Will the macho males amongst your guests triumph, or is it the gentle touch that is required to win?

We can currently supply a traditional 4 lane track measuring 10ft by 6 ft with a fully landscaped track, including spectators, trees and even a pond with 4 cars racing at once, or one of the new 2 lane digital tracks which due to enhanced technology can race 8 cars over a more sophisticated track layout. Choose from our range of standard cars, or we can supply a specific model (for example a Jaguar dealership may specify jaguar racing cars). Sophisticated computerised lap timers keep track of who is winning the race, supplying sound effects and keeping track of maximum speeds and timings. A range of different race types are available ranging from a first past the post system, to a round robing championship competition. Download our brochure for further details.

This can be hired for indoor use, or supplied with one of our traditional style sidestall units for use outside in any weather.

Contact us for further details or to obtain a quote for your application.

This Is Only An Example Of The Many Games We Have Available, Contact Us With Details Of What You Require And We Will Source Whatever You Need.

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One of our fully landscaped Scalextric tracks available for hire throughout the UK
aston martin, James Bond's favourite car, available for you to race around one of our tracks.
One of our range of F1 cars available for hire
A mini car from our range of Scalextric cars
Scalextric for hire brochure

Download our Scalextric For Hire Brochure

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